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Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

List of Great Thanksgiving Trivia Questions!

thanksgiving trivia questions and answers
thanksgiving trivia questions and answers


Thanksgiving trivia is one of the most joyous days celebrated in Canada and united state. Thanksgiving day was declared as a national holiday in 1864 by the president of America Abraham Lincoln. In Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October and in United States on November’s fourth Thursday.People wait anxiously for this day, as there is a family get-together, where all the family members enjoy delicious meal and have fun through different fun activities. These celebrations last for three days. Some families enjoy this day by having thanksgiving trivia question answer session and Thanksgiving quizzes in which one of the family member asks different questions related to Thanksgiving trivia history from every member one by one. In this way they come to know all the Thanksgiving Trivias and facts they didn’t knew earlier. People enjoy different Thanksgiving trivia fun games, that include Pin the Tail Feather on the Turkey,A Thanksgiving “Boat” Game, Pick two scrabble and turkey hunt, Turkey hunt by bloom design and you can also watch your favorite show.

Thanksgiving History

Many people don’t know that why is Thanksgiving Trivia celebrated?  This question flashes backs to the history of Thanksgiving trivia. In 1621 a group of 102 people left Plymouth in search of a land where they can practice their religious faith with freedom. They were called as pilgrims. They struggled a lot during this journey. Half of the pilgrims were able to reach the new world. Other suffered from scurvy, exposure and other contagious diseases. At last pilgrims succeeded in find a new world but they didn’t knew how to grow the crops and how to hunt due to this many pilgrims died of starvation. For this People of local Wampanoag tribe helped pilgrim to grow crops and make their living. After a successful growing season pilgrims sent an invitation to the local Native Americans to join them for the harvest feast in 1621.Today this is known as the first Thanksgiving celebration.

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Thanksgiving Trivia Facts

  • Here are some Thanksgiving Trivia facts, which you people, may not be familiar.
  • Thanksgiving is one of the biggest drinking nights.
  • 90% of the U.S population prefers turkey’s meat on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Pilgrims were earlier called as puritans
  • Friday after thanksgiving is the busiest travel day
  • Baby turkey is known as a poult
  • There are 3500 feathers in fully-grown turkey.
  • A wild turkey is able to fly for a few distances.
  • The other name for Wampanoag is Pakanoket
  • Majority of the pilgrims traveling in Mayflower were men.
  • The governor of the pilgrim colony John Carver died before the first thanksgiving harvest feast.
  • May flower was a Cargo ship before it carried the pilgrim to America.

You can make Thanksgiving Day memorable by having a session of thanksgiving Questions, thanksgiving quizzes and thanksgiving jeopardy.

Thanksgiving Trivia Question And Answer

Q: When does U.S celebrate Thanksgiving Day?Show
Q: What is female Turkey called?Show
Q: What is male Turkey Called?Show
Q: Who advocated turkey as a national bird?Show
Q: What is the weight of the largest turkey?Show
Q: How many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving?Show
Q: When was the first Thanksgiving Macy’s parade held?Show
Q: What is baby turkey called? Show
Q: Turkey has how many feathers?Show
Q: When did the pilgrim invite the local Americans to the harvest feast?Show
Q: Which U.S state consumes the most Turkey?Show
Q: When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?Show
Q: How many of the pilgrim died of starvation?Show
Q: Which weapons did the pilgrims used for hunting?Show
Q: Which sport is associated with the Thanksgiving?Show
Q: What was the name of the baby born in Mayflower?Show
Q: Who was the captain of Mayflower?Show
Q: Why did the pilgrim come to America?Show
Q: Where did the pilgrim first landed in America?Show

Easy thanksgiving trivia question and answer for kids

For making these Thanksgiving question and answer more interesting you can write Thanksgiving trivia question on a candy rapper and each kid have to pick one candy and answer the question and eat the candy.

Q: Which country first adapted Thanksgiving as National Holiday?Show
Q: What is the name of the president who declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday?Show
Q: For how many days the first thanksgiving is celebrated?Show
Q: Which tribe did the pilgrim invited to the harvest feast?Show
Q: Which utensil pilgrim didn’t used to eat the meal?Show
Q: How many days mayflower took to reach America?Show
Q: Name the first governor of the Plymouth colony.Show
Q: What was the name of the ship in which pilgrim traveled?Show
Q : What was the actual name of the pilgrims?Show
Q : Which tribe helped the pilgrim to grow the land?Show
Q : Where did the pilgrim celebrate the first Thanksgiving?Show
Q : How many pilgrim’s traveled to America in Mayflower?Show
Q : Which bird’s meat was not served in first harvest feast?Show

Thanksgiving trivia games

If you want to add more fun to the Thanksgiving Day than Thanksgiving games would be the best option. You can play different games and make the day memorable. Here are some of the games that you can enjoy on Thanksgiving day with your kids, friends and other family members

Pin the Tail Feather on the Turkey

Pin the tail on turkey is really interesting game especially for kids. They enjoy a lot while playing this game. To play this game what you have to do is that draw a turkey without feathers on a cardboard or a chart paper. Now draw the feathers of the bird and cut these down, put small double tape on each feather. After all these things are set, select the player and blindfold the player with the help of bandanna and help them to stand in front of the turkey. Now player have to put the feathers one by one on the right place. Once the picture is completed ask the player to remove the bandanna.

Watching your favorite show

After having a dinner, as everyone is full and little tired, what can be best option than watching Television. You can arrange two televisions for Thanksgiving Day and set two rooms as well. One room for adults and other one is for kids. Set football game for the adults and after going with majority’s decision set an interesting kids movie for kids to watch. Along with this you can also serve tea for adults and pop corns and juice for kids to make the day superb.

Turkey hunt by bloom design

Turkey hunt by bloom design is very interesting game in which one person hides different cards all around the house and yard. Other players have to find all the cards. The one who collected more cards will be the winner.

What else you can do?

You can engage your kids in different activities like provide them colors or crayons and ask them to draw turkey on it. Once they have drawn paste that drawing in a scrapbook and repeat this every Thanksgiving Day. Show your child this scrapbook when they have grown up. That would be so precious memory for you and your child.

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