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80+ Office Trivia Questions & Answers

List Of Great The Office Trivia Questions

The Office Trivia Question and Answers
The Office Trivia Question and Answers


Are you looking to have a fun trivia game activity for your Office party? Look around and try to identify Michael Scott, Dwight, Pam or Jim at your workplace. Tag one of the best little taunting dialogues from The Office to your office colleagues that suits better to them. Challenge your corporate friends (including your Boss!) to score highest on The Office Trivia Questions & Answers Quiz Game that has been enlisted below along with Office interesting Trivia Facts and let’s see who wins the bet.

The Office Trivia Game
  • Join the fun at Dunder Mifflin as you visit cubicles, and even the warehouse, answering trivia questions and collecting Dundies
  • 2 Levels of difficulty let casual viewers play against die-hard fans
  • Game board, Dunder Mifflin answer pad, 17 character movers, 6 "that's what she said" tokens, 6 mover stands
  • 36 Dundie tokens, 2 Dunder Mifflin paper box tokens, 1 Dunder Mifflin large paper box tokens, 2 dice and label sheet
  • For 3 to 6 adult players

Little known ‘The Office’ Trivia Facts

  • The original name for the show was “The American Workplace”.
  • Seth Rogen was considered for the role of Dwight.
  • Adam and John auditioned for the role of Jim.
  • The inclusion of Steve Carell was kept as a secret.
  • A blog was written by Rainn Wilson for Dwight.
  • During season 8, Jenna Fischer was actually pregnant.
  • Throughout Season 4, Angela Kinsey was pregnant.
  • Steve Carell didn’t watch UK version of The Office beforehand.
  • During season 1, actors were told to bring in the paperwork to keep themselves busy as they didn’t had real computers.
  • Novak was the first person to be cast on The Office.
  • Kevin and Andy attended same High School.
  • Pam’s painting is replaced with a motivational poster for few episodes in Season 6.
  • Jenna and Angela are best friends in real life.
  • Fischer is godmother to Kinsey’s child.
  • Pam’s lactation consultant is actually Fischer’s real life husband.
The Office: The Complete Series
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (10/07/2014)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 4612 minutes
  • Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak
Office Trivia Questions & Answers Worksheet
Office Trivia Questions & Answers Worksheet


The Office Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Which season 2 episode has R.E.M Song ‘Everybody Hurts’?Show
Q: Which singer made a song using The Office Intro Music as a music beat?Show
Q: Who was NBC first choice to play Michael?Show
Q: Who was interracial couple in real life?Show
Q: Who was originally auditioned for the role of Pam?Show
Q: Name the paper that appeared in opening credits of the show?Show
Q: Who was auditioned for the role of Jan?Show
Q: Which of the crew members of the cast known each other from the childhood?Show
Q: Which crew members attended high school together in Georgia?Show
Q: Who was actually the casting director of the show but played a role?Show
Q: Who thought that show wouldn’t be a success so he didn’t leave his part time job?Show
Q: Whose character named after a Baseball player?Show
Q: Who was actually supposed to leave the show in season nine?Show
Q: Who shot the opening credits of the show?Show
Q: Who was actually casted for the role of Jim?Show
Q: What were an Office spinoff?Show
Q: Did the computer at The Office actually had internet?Show
Q: Who is Steve Carell’s real wife?Show
Q: Does Poor Richard’s pub actually existed?Show

The Office’s Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: Name the character which Jim dated in Season 3?Show
Q: To which thing, Stanley’s car was hit by in Season 3?Show
Q: Name the Japanese warehouse worker in Season 6 episode named Happy Hour?Show
Q: Who was kissed by Pim after being intoxicated?Show
Q: Name the stripper that was hired by Bob Vance’s bachelor party?Show
Q: What is Erin’s first name?Show
Q: For whom Michael organized a funeral?Show
Q: What is Ryan’s surname?Show
Q: Name Dwight’s brother.Show
Q: Who attended anger management in season 3?Show
Q: Who threw cake on Sandy’s face in season 6?Show
Q: How much discount did golden ticket offer?Show
Q: Who seduce Donna at her gym in episode 6?Show
Q: Name Dwight’s sister?Show
Q: In Season 1 Episode 1, who started their first day at Dunder Mifflin?Show
Q: Of Whom Michael imitate?Show
Q: Name someone with whom Michael shares his birthday?Show
Q: What was actual Andy’s birth name?Show
Q: Mention Erin’s full name.Show
Q: Who replaced Michael in season 5?Show
Q: On which date Jim proposed Pam?Show
Q: After calling off wedding with Roy, with whom Pam went on a date?Show
Q: Where Toby’s brother lived?Show
Q: According to Mike, what is the worst thing about prison?Show
Q: Name the company which Ryan set up?Show
Q: What was in the giant pot which Kevin drops all over?Show
Q: What was the username of Michael which he mentioned on Online Dating Site?Show
Q: For how long Jim and Pam been dating?Show
Q: What Michael was actually eating when Jim thought he was having ice-cream?Show
Q: What name did Dwight give to Justin Beiber?Show
Q: Name Angela’s cat?Show
Q: What was the name of Jan’s baby?Show
Q: What is Meredith last name?Show
Q: In season1, who took hot girl home?Show
Q: Name Michael’s best friend.Show
Q: What is mentioned on Packer’s license plate?Show
Q: What is Roy’s last name?Show
Q: Name the movie that The office watched on movie Monday.Show
Q: At which branch, Karen became the regional manager?Show
Q: Name Michael’s soup snake?Show
Q: To whom Michael hook up with?Show
Q: Name the company Roy owned?Show
Q: From where Andy did graduation?Show
Q: What was Stanley favorite day?Show
Q: Who was able to win World Series of Poker?Show
Q: With whom Oscar has an affair?Show
Q: Where Pam and Jim got married?Show
Q: Who does Michael imitate in ‘Pilot’?Show
Q: In Season 1, who ends up dating Katy?Show
Q: How much money Michael donated to Oscar’s nephew?Show
Q: In Secret Santa game, what was the gift that Michael received?Show
Q: What does Michael Scott’s mug say?Show
Q: Who does Oscar crush on?Show
Q: Who ends with I-Pod in the ‘Yankee Swap?Show
Q: Name Jim’s and Pam’s baby.Show
Q: Along with papers, what does Sabre sell?Show
Q: What family member that Michael hired?Show
Q: Of which country Michael is afraid of being dominating the world?Show
Q: Name Holly’s boyfriend.Show
Q: What was the gift that Pam gave to Erin?Show
Q: Name Ryan’s online social networking site.Show
Q: What disease Michael was afraid of?Show
The Office Clue Edition
Monopoly The Office
Toy - USAopoly


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