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Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions & Answers

List of Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions And Answers



Discover more about Valentines Day with our amazing collection of Valentine’s day trivia questions and Valentine trivia fun facts. You can also try the Valentine’s Day trivia question and answers for kids, Valentine’s trivia quizzes or Jeopardy questions along with Printable valentines questions. If you love someone and have a confusion related to how to begin the conversation on a first date than you can also use these Valentine’s trivia question as icebreaker questions.

There are many superstitious beliefs related to St. Valentines day

If a girl sees Robin on Valentines Day her future husband will be a sailor and if she will see a Dove she will get a man with golden heart

According to superstitions if she will see a sparrow she will get married to a poor man and that man will bring lots of happiness in her life

There are some other superstitious beliefs related to gifts also. If a girl receives clothes as a gift from her boyfriend she has to keep it if she is interested to marry him. Representing a key means that he has allowed you to unlock his heart.

If any girl receives red roses from a boyfriend that means that he loves her a lot and on the other hand Yellow roses represents that he is jealous.

According to superstitions if a girl’s boyfriend gives her cactus plant on Valentine’s Day she has a quarrel.

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Valentine’s Day History

  • Why is Valentine’s Day observed

There are many stories that are associated with St Valentine’s Day but among these there is a famous story that says that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in remembrance of the “priest Valentine” who was killed during 270 AD by the emperor Claudius II who forbidden the soldiers to get married because he believed that unmarried soldiers are more braver and perform much better than those who have wives and children left behind. At that time Valentine was the one who went against the king’s order and started setting secret marriages for soldiers, due to which he was imprisoned where he fell in love with jailer’s daughter. And the day before Valentine died he sent a letter to jailer’s daughter to let her know that he is in love with her.

  • How is valentine’s day celebrated all over the world

Some people call it lover’s day and it does makes sense as on Valentine’s Day people all over the world send greetings, Love messages, gifts and other surprises to each other especially to their loved ones. People express their love on Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards, chocolates, and flowers with their partners, friends and even family members. A most important gift that people send to their partner is red roses and chocolates. Many unmarried girls and boys wait the whole year for Valentine’s Day to propose their crush. Most of the people prefer getting engaged or married to their partner on this day. Not only teenagers but people above 40 also celebrate this day with great excitement. Couples celebrate this day by arranging romantic dinner or spending a night at the romantic spot.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Facts

  • Valentine is not a public holiday all over the world.
  • 15% women send roses to themselves on Valentine’s Day.
  • A heart was carved in a wooden spoon in old Ireland
  • Approximately 1 billion cards people send to each other on Valentine’s Day.
  • According to Farmers Almanac women will get married to a sailor if she will see a robin on valentines
  • 1330 Valentine’s Day cards Hallmark produces each year for Valentine’s Day
  • Only 27% of people who buy flowers are women and rest of 73% are men who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • California produces majority of the roses
  • An actress Thelma Ritter who was nominated for an astounding Six Academy Awards was born on 14th Feb 1902.
  • Cards with romantic poetry are the bestsellers of all cards
  • Denmark don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • 3 % of pet owners give Valentine cards to their pets

Valentine’s Trivia Question & Answers for Kids

Here are some interesting valentine’s trivia questions Kids that can make kids aware of each and everything related to Valentine’s Day

Q: When is Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world?Show
Q: Be my valentine” is a phrase that people say to whom?Show
Q: What do white flowers represent?Show
Q: Who is the author of Romeo and Juliet?Show
Q: What does Red roses symbolize?Show
Q: Other than Roses what does a bouquet of Roses contains sometimes?Show
Q: What is the name of cupid’s mother?Show
Q: Which is the famous card company that also makes billions of cards for Valentine’s Day each year?Show
Q: To whom was the name ‘Valentine’ given earlier?Show
Q: St Valentine was in love with?Show
Q: What had St Valentine allegedly done for his jailer’s daughter?Show
Q: Valentine’s cards are mostly sent to people belonging to which profession?Show
Q: What was the last name of Juliet?Show
Q: Which flower is sold more on Valentine?Show
Q: From where the first Valentine's card was sent?Show
Q: Who is known as the Roman goddess of love and beauty?Show
Q: Why was St Valentine punished?Show
Q: Why did Claudius order his soldiers not to get married?Show
Q: In medieval which organ was believed to cause love?Show
Q: Valentine’s day is the second largest event on which cards are exchanged. Which event is the first one?Show
Q: Cupid was in love with whom?Show
Q: How did St Valentine propose jailer’s daughter?Show
Q: Why did Venus ask Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a horrible man?Show
Q: In Japan what do girls give to their partner on Valentine’s Day?Show
Q: Which day is celebrated exactly on month after Valentine’s Day in Japan?Show
Q: In which year the first valentine was sent?Show
Q: What is the meaning of word Valentine?Show
Q: What special thing occurs on White day?Show
Q: What is the name of Cupid's father?Show
Q: What was the jailer’s daughter name?Show
Q: In 18th century what did the sailors’ give their partners on Valentine’s Day?Show
Q: What are two other names for Valentine’s Day?Show
Q: What is the name of that Scottish poet who wrote A Red, Red Rose?Show
Q: Who is the author of poem “The Parliament of Fowls”?Show
Q: Swizzle manufactures a heart-shaped sweets that contain a romantic message on it what is the name of that sweet?Show

Valentine’s Trivia Question & Answers for Adults

Q: In Latin, the word valentine stands for?Show
Q: On Valentine’s Day, Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone invention, which year was that?Show
Q: Which famous actor was born on Valentine’s Day?Show
Q: Which famous actress was born on Valentine’s Day?Show
Q: In Finland St. Valentine's day is known as?Show
Q: What is the name of the singer who had top ten hit songs with cupid in 1961?Show
Q: Saint Valentine's Day is considered as an official feast day in which country?Show
Q: What does el día de Los enamorados means?Show
Q: What does 'Día del Amor y la Amistad' means?Show
Q: In Guatemala Valentine’s day is known as the 'Día del Cariño' what does this phrase mean?Show
Q: In which two countries February 14 is known as Valentinsdag?Show
Q: Which country Valentine’s Day is known as Friend’s day?Show
Q: How much UK people spend on valentine’s gifs each year?Show
Q: How many cards are sent on each Valentine’s Day in united state?Show
Q: A winged child shooting lovers arrow is known as?Show
Q: A New York’s Empire Building Illuminates a specific sign on each valentine what sign is that?Show
Q: Who played the main role in “Shirley Valentine”?Show
Q: Name the artist who is known as “Mother of the American Valentine”.Show
Q: Name the female singer who performed song “Valentine” with Jim Brickman.Show
Q: What does the phrase Joyeuse Saint Valentin mean in English?Show
Q: Name the album that includes song “ my valentine” in it.Show
Q: Who is the singer of song “ My Valentine”?Show
Q: Who declared 14th Feb as St. Valentine’s Day?Show
Q: Complete the phrase Roses are red Violet is?Show
Q: Jessica Alba played Jessica Alba played Morley Clarkson in the 2010 movie. What was the name of that Movie?Show
Q: When U.S.S.R. and China signed a peace treaty?Show
Q: Who is the writer of “My Funny Valentine”?Show
Q: In which year did Hallmark made its first valentine card?Show
Q: How many calories a person burn while kisses for one minute?Show
Q: What is the percentage of Valentine’s Day cards that are only bought by women?Show
Q: Which was celebrated on Valentine’s Day according to mythology?Show
Q: An Italian city receives valentine’s day card every year that are addressed to Juliet. Which city is that?Show
Q: In which country the oldest known valentine still exists?Show
Q: What is the name of the singer of song “ My funny valentine”?Show
Q: If a girl sees goldfinch on Valentines Day what does it means?Show
Q: What are tacky or rude valentines called?Show
Q: What is the name of the legendary Benedictine monk who first invented champagne?Show
Q: What does the poem “The Parliament of Fowls” represents?Show

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