Walking Dead Trivia Questions & Answers

The comic book turned television series, Walking Dead’s storyline follows a post-apocalyptic world where the dead has come to life and a group of survivors who are in search for a secure place to live freely and give humanity a second chance to survive. Though there have been numerous zombie movies directed over the last few decades, but none gained the kind of success that Walking Dead experiences with outstanding performances and gripping storyline that has garnered its millions of fans worldwide.

Now is your chance to prove how big a Walking Dead fan you are with our compilation of the ultimate Walking Dead trivia questions and answers quiz that will surely serve as the perfect brain teaser. If you have been keenly watching Walking Dead seasons and the amazing characters that made it so successful, then you will definitely ace trivia quiz. Call your friends over and indulge in a powerhouse of entertainment with Walking Dead trivia questions that vary in difficulty and aids as a competitive quiz game.

Interesting Walking Dead Trivia Facts

There is always drama going around the sets of hit TV shows, the AMC’s blockbuster series “Walking Dead” has its own UP’s and DOWN’s. Do you know that there was an actor who just wanted to give up his role in the series? (Glad, he did) and then there was an actor for whom a whole new character was introduced!
If that doesn’t stir your mind to know who did what and why, then read ON! We warn you beforehand if you have not been watching the series or are way early in the series then some MAJOR SPOILERS are waiting ahead of you!


  • The opening episode of the show premiered on Halloween.
  • Norman Reedus originally auditioned for the part of Merie but got the role of Daryl.
  • Rick always carries around the bullet that killed LORI in his pocket.
  • The human flesh that the walkers eat is actually Ham.
  • If you ever want a crossbow like Daryl’s, it is available at Walmart for 300$.
  • Chandler Riggs who plays Carl is a 15 year old boy whereas his stand-in is a 31 year old Woman, named Ashley.
  • Dudley the Dog is a hero in real life, he lost his eye while saving his owner from a carjacking.
  • Andrea might have died in the season but in comics, she is still alive and her lover is Rick.
  • Most of us might not have noticed it but the first four seasons of the show, none of the characters even said the word “zombie” for once.
  • Originally, the characters were supposed to find refuge in a high school instead of a prison.
  • (INTERESTING AF) A SWAT team was called upon in the episode where Merie was shooting from on top of a roof because people thought he was an actual sniper.
  • HBO refused to air TWD on their channel because apparently they thought there was too much violence in the series.
  • T-DOG was not supposed to die.
  • The actor “Thomas Jane” almost played rick.
  • And finally, the most interesting fact you have been waiting for, DALE ASKED TO BE KILLED OFF THE SHOW!

Walking Dead Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. What is the nickname that Daryl gives to Glenn?

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Short Round.

Q. Which characters’ mental state takes a turning point and shaves his head?

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Shane Walsh.

Q. Whom did Shane threaten when he was getting accused of killing Otis?

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Q. Who pulled the pistol on Governor?

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Lilly, governor’s love interest.

Q. In which episode Daryl Dixon does make his first appearance?

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“Tell it to the Frogs”.

Q. Who was the last prisoner killed in season 3 and how?

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Axel, he was shot in the head.

Q. Who saves Glenn from the “Vatos” in Season 1?

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Daryl Dixon.

Q. Whom did Carl shot in the head so she wouldn’t reanimate?

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Lori Grimes (his mother).

Q. Who killed Randall in the woods and how?

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Q. In “TS-19”, who are the two drunkards?

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Glenn and Daryl.

Q. Shane had an affair with the PE teacher, what was her name?

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Mrs. Kelly.

Q. Who finally killed Shane?

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Q. In the first season, which country found the cure for the virus?

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Q. Name the actress who wasn’t cast on the show?

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Danai Gurira (Michonne).

Q. Which actor has a titanium eye socket?

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Norman Reedus.

Q. What is real name of T-Dog?

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Theodore Douglas.

Q. Which real life city was originally called Terminus?

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Q. Name the only female character who survived the first five seasons?

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Carol played by Melissa McBride.

Q. How many kids of the walker do we see in the show?

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Q. What rank does Rick Grimes hold at the police station before the zombie apocalypse?

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Sheriff Deputy.

Q. When rick awakes in the hospitals, who are the two people he first encounters?

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Glenn and Andrea.

Walking Dead Trivia Questions & Answers

Q. What was the name given to Zombies?

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Q. When did the very first episode of Walking Dead premiere in 2010?

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31st October on Halloween 

Q. In First Season according to the doctor which country declared a cure for zombie virus?

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Q. How many people have played Judith Grimes?

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Q. Which channel declared “Walking Dead” too violent?

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Q. While eating human flesh on screen, what the actors have been actually chewing?

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Q. Name the real name of T-Dog’s?

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Theodore Douglas

Q. What real life city was actually called Termius?

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Q. When is the first time Grady Memorial Hospital was seen?

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Season 2

Q. How many walkers were children on the show?

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Q. Which of the character of Walking Dead was in the movie but not in comic?

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Q. How many episodes have been there of Walking Dead so far?

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Walking Dead Trivia Games

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  • USAopoly Amc The Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit Game:
    An absolute game, which involves the questions from the very first season to the last. There are over 600 questions to test your TWD addiction. This can be an amazing Christmas gift as well. It can be played with friends and family or even with yourself if you just want to increase your TWDness.

And that is all we have from the TWD for you guys, enjoy and yes DO NOT BECOME A WALKER!

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