270+ Funny Pictionary Words Game Ideas

List Of Funny Pictionary Word / Phrases Ideas For Kids & Adults

Pictionary Words & Phrases Game Ideas
Pictionary Words & Phrases Game Ideas

Whether it’s Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween or just another family gathering, playing Pictionary words game is one way to have an amazing and inclusive time with your friends and family. Pictionary words & phrases game is an entertaining leisure activity that will surely make a gathering something to remember for.

It stands out from the other party games due to its artistic touch. It is a classic charades game with a twist of drawing in which one person sketches while the other person tries to guess the sketch. However, you don’t need to be an artist to have fun playing the Pictionary game as the guesses can be as hysterical as the sketches of the participants.

Pictionary can be played by people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are going to play it as a party game or an icebreaker game, Pictionary is bound to put you in fits of laughter. In a nutshell, the game encourages a mutual bond, connection, and understanding amongst its participants. You can add some more spice to the game by introducing exciting prizes like snacks, stuff toys or a movie ticket for the winner.

Pictionary provides an opportunity to display your artistic side, no matter how bizarre and ridiculous it is. In the totality, Pictionary is a recreational activity that promises excitement and frequent “oohs and aahs” throughout the game.

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Pictionary Game

Pictionary Game
  • The classic quick-draw game since 1985.
  • You don’t have to be an artist; in fact, if you “can’t draw,” the game can be even funnier.
  • Two levels of clues (120 Adult, 80 Junior) make this a great game for kids and adults.
  • Includes two erasable makers, erasable boards for drawing and an updated category of clues.

How to Play Pictionary Word Game

You can always opt to buy an official Pictionary board/card game from any renowned online store e.g Amazon. However, instead of spending time and money, you can also make your own Pictionary game at home. It is super easy to do it yourself with basic stuff available in everyone’s home.

How to Play Pictionary Game

Required Pictionary Equipment

  • Stopwatch (to time the game)
  • White Board (to draw the word/phrase)
  • Pens/Marker (to write/draw the word/phrase)
  • Index Cards (to write the categories)
  • Dice (to take turns)

How to Setup a Pictionary Game

  • You need to decide upon five or more categories (people, places, animals, objects, movies, actions, etc)
  • Write down a word or phrase of varying difficulty on each card
  • Stack up the index cards in correct categories and shuffle them
  • Allocate a corresponding number of the dice on each category

Rules to Play the Pictionary Game

Step #1: A ‘referee’ is designated to conduct the game in all fairness and set the timer.

Step #2: To get started all participants are divided into two or more teams while each team must consist of at least two participants.

Step #3: The dice are rolled to decide which team starts the game. The team which goes first then rolls the dice to draw a card from the corresponding number category.

Step #4: One of the participants is then asked to draw the word or phrase while the other participants of the team try to guess the drawn picture in ’60 seconds’.

Step #5: The team which correctly guesses the most number of words, wins the game.

Quick Draw Pictionary Game

Pictionary Words Ideas for Kids / Tweens

For kids especially, care should be taken in choosing Pictionary game words and phrases so that kids and tweens can easily draw them during the game. Some Pictionary words for kids are:

Hot dogHouseIronman
Pumpkin pieNewspaperTelephone
RulerSand CastleSea
SupermanThe zooTree

Variations of Pictionary Game

Spice up the traditional Pictionary game adds some slight variations to the original game. The game gives you all the freedom to make modifications to make it even more fun and interesting. Below are a few suggestions to complement your DIY Pictionary game.

Variations of Pictionary Game

Themed Pictionary

It is always a great idea to play themed games for various occasions. Similarly, Pictionary can also be played based upon different themes such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Easter, Valentine and many more. You can also celebrate personal events like a bridal shower, baby shower and birthday as your Pictionary theme to be played at the upcoming party.

Educational Pictionary

Pictionary can prove an excellent educational game for your children. It can be used to teach children about different subjects. You can write various words or phrases related to subject topics such as Geography (mountains, oceans, etc), History (places, people, etc), Science (humans, animals, plants, etc), and Sports (cricket, baseball, etc).

Couple Pictionary

Instead of dividing the group into two teams, the group can also be divided among couples. Nothing can be more fun than letting one partner draw the word or phrase and another one to guess it correctly. You can also play Pictionary on your date night at home and make it even more special and memorable. To make it interesting, you can decide upon categories such as Moments, Dreams, Favorites, Places and All about us.

Easy Pictionary Words Ideas for Teens

For teens, the Pictionary word game becomes more fun as they know a variety of things and phrases that they can draw. Following are the things to draw for a Pictionary game to be played by teens:

AnacondaAlligatorAriana Grande
ArrowBack SeatBasket
BowlBathroomBumble Bee
GlassesHarry PotterCruise
Ice CreamJuiceJungle
Light bulbMilk cartonMirror
MonkeyNinjaNail Polish

Hard Pictionary Words Ideas for Adults

Many adults do not even remember when the last time that they drew anything was. So for adults, it’s more about learning to draw again. Some Pictionary words for adults can be:

BoardBunk BedBus Stop
ConstuctionCarpetChain Saw
Christmas TreeCircus TentCucumber
HorseIron ThroneJeep
MarkerCell PhoneMount Rushmore
NailsNew YorkNorth Pole
Donald TrumpPuzzleRemote
RoadRoller bladesSandwich
ShowerSolar eclipseSpeaker
TelevisionTentWhite House
TinTrainTrash can
WatermelonWifi RouterWind
Wine GlassMothZip

Pictionary Words Ideas for Couples

Couples can also play Pictionary word game with each other and also when they are out with double dates. It is a really engaging and fun way to enjoy each other’s company. Pictionary words for couples are:

BabyBrideBook Shelf
BouquetBusiness CardCandle
DinnerKissEiffel Tower
FeederFerris WheelFriendship
Fry panFull moonGems
HeartTuxedoLove Letter
Love songGroomMoonlight
Pillow FightPillowsPlane Ticket


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